Duty Bound;

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How do I earn my pass through the pearly gates on judgement day? How do I make sure I never let God down? I know it’s not possible for me to make myself worthy, I can’t ever say I deserve my salvation. But surely if I make an effort daily, work hard at being better […]

Dear God;

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Jesus, from my heart to yours; a simple thank you would never be enough to express how overwhelmed I am by your faithfulness and continual grace. The ways in which my life has been changed during these five months are both countless and priceless. To give you my own life wouldn’t even come close to […]

Rated R;

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Easter; it’s all bunnies and chocolate, eggs and fluffy yellow chicks right? I always knew it meant more than that, I mean I had some level of understanding that Christ died for me. But what does that really mean? It was Good Friday when I first saw The Passion of the Christ and I was […]

The natural face of God;

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I wanted to write all of my blog posts in a way that made them relatable to everyone. So that all the people who contributed to my trip could understand and appreciate the things I wrote about without feeling uncomfortable with my ‘bible bashing – Jesus enthusiasm’ but in reality, I have seen the face […]

Life is a party;

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Carnival in Mazatlan is a big deal. Over 300 thousand people come from all over the world to take part in the week of partying. The streets turn into the biggest dance floor in the world, there is drinking, drugs, lots of music and fireworks; but saddest of all is the hotbed of human trafficking […]

Reaching Stone Island;

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People always say that you can’t choose your family. I suppose this is true, but I’m beginning to realise that the term family extends far beyond those of your own flesh and blood. Your family are the people you love, live and work with. The people you are honest and generous with, the ones you […]

Who Needs Water Anyway?

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A week has flown by in a flurry of intense classes, the forming of firm friendships, heart moving local encounters and sunshine. When I learned that it was snowing back in England this week I had to laugh, it seemed so surreal that it could possibly be so close to freezing somewhere in the world […]

All Great Adventures Start Somewhere;

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All great adventures have a beginning and this is the start of mine. I am writing this sitting in a cafe in Mazatlan, Mexico where I will be spending the next five months of my life. Just thinking about that seems unfathomable and surreal to me. I still haven’t really registered that I am actually […]