A little peek at me

I wanted to take some time to outline a bit about myself. Afterall, who wants to read blog posts about a complete stranger? My name is Jemima, although no one ever calls me that; it’s Mima now. I am the youngest of two daughters and am a lover of Colour, Style and Art. I also have a fear of failure. I don’t mean a paralytic all consuming fear, although it might have been that once upon a time. Now it is a fear that I am in control of: it’s always reminding me that not to succeed is painful and humiliating; the worst possible scenario. But I know better. I know that the worst thing is not to try at all, to let fear prevent you chasing your dreams, to let it break you.

For me, taking a gap year is scary. It doesn’t follow the norm, the way its supposed to go, the way I planned it. I was supposed to finish A-Levels and go straight to university. But now? There is a whole year of my life that I can do whatever I want with. An empty year. A blank canvas; and I am the artist. I am responsible for deciding what I do and where I go. I want to make the most of this year because I know that it is going to fly by before I even register that it is happening. I have never experienced this level of freedom before: no exams, no lessons or assemblies. This is my chance to explore who I am in the real world outside of education and controlled environments – and I want you to share it with me.


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