The Land of Poles;

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Any budding traveller must be in possession of at least this singular skill; calm and collected flexibility in the face of unexpected events. Examples of such events being as follows; your transfer bus not appearing at the airport leaving you in the lurch. Becoming lost in a foreign city with no WiFi or map and […]

O-slow Walks;

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A single day in Oslo is enough to make any of us value the blessing of travel. For such a full and bustling capital city, the presence of nature and frequent shocks of vibrant greenery are both unusual and stunning. I find a rare joy just being in this place, regardless of whether I am […]

A little peak at me

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I wanted to take some time to outline a bit about myself. Afterall, who wants to read blog posts about a complete stranger? My name is Jemima, although no one ever calls me that; it’s Mima now. I am the youngest of two daughters and am a lover of Colour, Style and Art. I also […]